27 June 2020



Botanical Name: Ananas
Common Name: Dwarf pink pineapple, Decorative pineapple, Curagua
Availability: March- NOV
Colors: Pink, yellow, pale green

Temperature: 12-15 C
Re-cut stems at an angle
Put them in clean and fresh water
Change water every 4-5 days
Doesn't like direct light

Foliage Language: You are perfect

Place them low in arrangement ( head is heavy )

Use them for beach wedding or tropical wedding



Common Name: Alstroemeria
Common Name: Peruvian Lily, Ulster Mary, Inca Lily
Life: About 7-14 days
Colour: All colours
Temperature: 3-10 C

Remove all foliage in contact with Water
Change the water every 3-4 days
Cut away any white part of the stem
Use flower food
Put them in cool condition and keep out of direct sun
Some people has allergy to this flower then avoid of use them in bridal bouquet

Flower language: Alstroemeria flowers are thought to represent friendship and good fortune, and are sometimes given on Mother’s Day
Avoid to use it in posy arrangements because some people have allergy to it.

Good to use for pedestal arrangement in Summer. If you want to use it for Bride's hand-tied 
ask her for any allergy!


Botanical Name: Alpinia
Common Name: Red ginger, Pink con ginger, Ostrich plum
Life: About 14-21 days
Colour: Lipstick Pink, red
Temperature: Minimum 13 C
Lower temperature will cause the flower to blacken
Re-cut the stems every 4-5 days
Alpinia leaf extract is used to treat high blood pressure in countries like Brazil and is also taken to cure indigestion and stomach problems

Good to use in floral foam


The flower is not a good choice for bridal bouquet, but if someone like it , why not?

Green & White Wedding



Botanical Name: Allium
Common Name: Ornamental onion
Life:12-20 days
Colour: Purple, Lavender, White

Good temperature 6-10 C 
Change the water every 2-3 days
Re-cut the stems and put in clean and fresh water
Always use flowers food 
Flower language: Allium represents strengthpatience,
 good fortune and prosperity

It is good to use for contemporary arrangements 



Botanical Name: Alchemilla
Common Name: Lady's mantle
Life: About 7-10 days
Colour: Lime green
Temperature: 1-2 C degree

Re-cut all foliage in contact with water
Doesn't like direct Sun light 
Change water every other day
You can dry it

Good for vases with big head flowers

Good for natural style wedding 


Botanical name: Ajania
Common name: Pacific Chrysanthemum
Life: About 10-21 days
Colour: Mustard yellow
Temperature: 2-5 C degree

Remove all foliage in contact with water and change the water every 4-5 days
Re-cut stems and place in clean, fresh and clean water
It is good to use for reception and church arrangements for wedding event 
Not good for bridal bouquet
Use them as filler with big head flowers like Sunflowers or Carnation 

Wedding Greenery




Botanical Name: Allium
Common Name: Serpent Garlic
Availability: April-AUG
Life: 10-15 days
Color: Bright Green

temperature 6-10 C
Re-cut the stems and put them in clean water with flower food
Doesn't like heat
Good for contemporary vase design
Good idea to add to bridal bouquet
Be aware of the smell


Botanical Name: Alocasia
Common Name: Elephant ear, African mask
Availability:All year
Life: 5-7 days
Colors: Dark green with creamy white veins

Temperature: 12-15 C
Cut leaves from the main stems for use
Use flower food 
Change water every 2-3 days
Put away from direct heat 

Good to use in floral foam

Good to use for shower bouquet and corsage

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