29 June 2020

Cream & Sage wedding flowers

Cream Flowers


Botanical Name: Anthurium
Common Name: Painter's palette, Tail Flamingo , Hawaiian heart
Availability: All year
Life: 14-28 days
Colors: White, lemon, red, pink, mauve, purple, brown, green, bicoloured

Temperature: 15 C
Re-cut the stems
Humidity damaged the flower
Keep out of direct heat
Also known as the Flamingo Flower, Boy Flower, Painted Tongue and Painter's Palette – because of their distinctive shape and color – the name anthurium comes from Greek, meaning "tail flower." Exotic and compelling, with bold, typically red flowers and shiny, dark green foliage are long-lasting and irresistibly beautiful.

Flower language: hospitality 

Arrange with bold flowers like Lili, Eremurus, Strelizia
As well as flowers , their foliage can use for  modern and traditional floral design



Perfect for contemporary wedding (mix with traditional flower in bridal bouquet)  
Perfect for shower bouquet with their greenery







Botanical Name: Anigozanthos
Common Name: Kangaroo / Monkey/ Cats's paw
Availability: All year
Colors: Orange, red, yellow, green, lime

Temperature: 2-5 C
Put it in water few hours before work
Remove any foliage in contact with water
Re-cut the stems 
Change the water any 2-3 days
Loves flower food

Not good for wedding
Use with Anthuriom and Heliconia

28 June 2020



Botanical Name: Anethum
Common Name: Dill
Availability: June- NOV
Life: 7-10 days
Colors: Mustard or pale yellow

Temperature 2-5 C
Change water every 3-4 days
Strongly scented
Re-cut the stems and put them in fresh and clean water

Flower Language: Lust

Arrange with lime green roses 

It's wild flower then good to use for informal Summer wedding

Dusty Blue & Cream Package


Botanical Name: Anemone
Common Name: Garden Anemone, Poppy Anemone
Availability: SEP- MAY , peaks DEC-APRIL
Life: About 5-7 days
Colors: White, red, light pink, cerise pink, mauve, purple, dark blue

Nice temperature is 2 C
Need lots of water , then should absorb water when being conditioned
Needs flower food
Re-cut the stems and put in fresh, clean water
Attracts butterflies and many other pollinators
A word of warning, all anemones are toxic if ingested, so be sure to keep them out of reach of children and pets

Flower Language: Sincerely and also signify fragility

For arranging need similar size flowers like Ranunculus and Tulips

One of the best flower for wedding

Navy & Wine

Color Groups

Rose Color Meaning

Red Rose Varieties



Botanical Name: Ammi
Common Name: Toothpick weed, White lace flower, Bishop's weed 
Availability: All year 
Life: About 10-14 days
Colours: White

Good temperature for this plant is between 2-5 C
Change the water every 3-4 days
Re-cut the stems
Remove all leaf in contact with water 
Doesn't like direct sun light
Ammi was used in Ancient Egypt to treat skin conditions.

Florists love Ammi Majus for the ethereal and romantic quality it brings to arrangements

It is ideal for bridal bouquet and other wedding flower arrangements
You can use them in tall vase with roses, peonies and lilies


Botanical Name: Amaranthus
Common Name: Tassel flower, Love-lies-bleeding, Prince's feather
Availability: April- December, peaks July-October
Life: About 8-12 days
Colours: Crimson, red, russet, sage green, creamy green 

Good temperature is 8-10 C
Flower food is recommended
Change water every other day
The flower give off a fine pollen
Doesn't like direct sunlight
Good idea to use dry one 

Flower Language: Not Heartless 

Amaranthus is a popular choice in arrangements since its striking shades and forms add bold color and interesting texture to floral designs. Hanging amaranthus is a particularly popular ingredient in waterfall and cascading designs.






Good for winter or Christmas wedding.Trailing amaranthus has slender drooping spikes of flowers approximately 45 cm long and is a florists favorite when it comes to adding dramatic effect to pedestal arrangements etc in wedding flowers.Add in tied posy with Ivy.
The flower is perfect for Bohemian wedding.





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