10 June 2020



Botanical name: Achillea
Common name: Yarrow, Milfoil 
Availability: March- November, Peaks April-OCT
Life: 7 -14 days
Colour: Yellow, gold, terracotta, pink, peach, white

  • Temp 2-4 C
  • Avoid overcrowding
  • Change water 2-3 days
  • Achillea was named after the Greek mythological character Achilles. According to legend, Achille's soldiers treated their wounds with achillea.
  • Dry ones is more popular. At Christmas time dried Achillea is available dip dyed in bright red, metallic silver and gold.

Flower language: A cure for heartaches

Achillea is typically used as a bright filler plant in mixed summer arrangements. Because these flower grows wild in fields, ditches and meadows throughout the United States as well as in other parts of the world, many people associate it with wildflowers.
An excellent addition to mixed summer arrangements.



It's good for traditional county wedding. Achillea is seldom used in wedding flowers these days, but when it is, it looks really effective and well worth experimenting with.



9 June 2020


Botanical Name: Acacia
Common Name: Coutamundra wattle, Golden Mimosa
Availability: JUL-FEB , Peak SEP-FEB
Life: 10-14 days
Colors: Silver-Gray, sometimes with a touch Purple

Temperature 2-5 C
Put away from direct light
Re-cut the steams and put them in fresh water
Remove foliage in contact with water

Good for traditional design
Use as a filler foliage

Not good for wedding bouquet but sometime makes a nice combination with cream and light flowers



Botanical Name: Abies
Common Name: Noble Fir
Availability: NOV-DEC
life: 14-21 days
Colors: Blue, Green

Good temperature:2-5 C
Spray with water on it
The steam is sticky resin
Foliage Language: Elevation

Good for door wreaths, table arrangement,making Xmas flower arrangements, Spruce Rings, Xmas Garlands and decorating shop windows etc



Good for Christmas wedding , Door decoration or pedestal 



8 June 2020


Botanical name: Acacia

Common name: Mimosa

Availability: December-April, peaks February- March 

Colors: Bright yellow

Fragrance: Mild


Temperature: 2-5 C

Re-cut the steams and put them in clean and fresh water

Store away from direct light

Remove all foliage in contact with water 

Change the water every 2-3 days

Flower language: Friendship


Arrange with spring flower like Narcissus and tulips

Good to mix with lime , crisp white and orange flowers

This is a diverse flower suitable for traditional arrangements. Acacias are usually used effective as a filler in a design lending color and scent to a room.




Good for spring shower bridal bouquet (Wedding Flower Availability :Year Round, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)



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