27 June 2020



Common Name: Alstroemeria
Common Name: Peruvian Lily, Ulster Mary, Inca Lily
Life: About 7-14 days
Colour: All colours
Temperature: 3-10 C

Remove all foliage in contact with Water
Change the water every 3-4 days
Cut away any white part of the stem
Use flower food
Put them in cool condition and keep out of direct sun
Some people has allergy to this flower then avoid of use them in bridal bouquet

Flower language: Alstroemeria flowers are thought to represent friendship and good fortune, and are sometimes given on Mother’s Day
Avoid to use it in posy arrangements because some people have allergy to it.

Good to use for pedestal arrangement in Summer. If you want to use it for Bride's hand-tied 
ask her for any allergy!

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