19 June 2020


Botanical Name: Ageratum
Common Name: Floss flower, Blue Mink
Availability: All year
Life: 7-10 days
Color and characteristics:blue, purple, red, white, or pink. Leaves are medium green and oval or lance-shaped. Plant habit ranges from short and densely compact to upright and loose.


Full sun to partial shade. Ageratum plants will flower best in full sun; too much shade can result in less blooms and leggy plants. In hotter regions, plants benefit from afternoon shade.From late spring to frost.

Toxicity:Ageratum can be toxic to grazing animals, causing liver lesions. All parts of the plant are poisonous and may be harmful to pets or humans if ingested. Call poison control or your local veterinarian for advice if necessary.


17 June 2020



Botanical name: Aconitum
Common name: Monkshood, Wolfs bane, Devil's helmet
Availability: January- November
Life:10-12 days
Colours:  Purple, dark and pale blue

  • Temperatures: 7-10 C
  • Re-cut the stems and put in fresh water
  • Chang the water every 2-3 days
  • Wash hand after using the flower
  • Remove all foliage in contact with water
  • Not recommend in households

The common name “Monkshood” was given because the top of the blossom 

resembles the monastic head covering.

The other common name, “Wolfs bane”, was given because the shepherds in 

ancient Greece laced bait and arrows with Aconite to kill wolves.

Flower language: Be aware!Aconite represents cautionmisanthropy

 and death, so be careful if you are giving this flower to someone.


Arrange with large headed flowers like roses and lilies

The flowers are good for Gothic wedding. The combination with deep red rose 
are very good.


Botanical Name: Aglaonema
Common Name: Chinese evergreen
Availability: All year
Colors: Green with cream variegation

Temperature: 12-15 C
Re-cut stems and put them in water
Change water every 2-3 days
Keep away from direct heat
Can be irritant(wash your hand after use it)

Can be rolled and pinned
Use as a focal foliage in contemporary arrangement

For shower bridal bouquet is the best option

16 June 2020


Butanical name: Agapanthus
Common name: African Lily, Lily of the Nile
Availability: January-December
Life: 4-10 days
Colour: Blue, withe, Purple

Temperature: 1-5 C
Re-cut the stems and put them in fresh water (Never leave them out of water)
Change water every 2-3 days
Loves flower food
The plant is useful for the treatment of coughs, colds, chest pains, heart diseases and paralysis.
language of flower: symbol of love.It can also symbolize fertility, purity and beaut

You can put them in a vase or a foam (Do not allowed to dry out).Arrange with tall, bold flowers is the best . Use them with Gladioli or Lilies.

Small head flowers are good for bridal bouquet. It is good for Summer wedding.

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